What NVRMIND is all about

NVRMIND creates canvases that reflect our mindset on life. In partnership with our friends at PRSUIT.com whose mission is to spread "perspective that inspires", NVRMIND is all about finding your soul through art and using that to inspire yourself on a daily basis.

Not everyone understands your soul... what makes you tick, what keeps you up at night, what makes you smile, what inspires you. So to them, we say... nevermind. 

NVRMIND is based in Chicago with our talented designers sitting in Santa Cruz, California.

Our canvases.

All of our designs are 100% original and are concepted by hand. We're not very good with Photoshop so we keep things old school. Hand drawn and then sent to our awesome fulfillment warehouse to get tidied up and sent right to your door.

We take pride in our canvases being of the highest quality and consistency. Our designs are printed on 100% polyester canvases on a 2x1 weave, allowing for incredible close up detail and color contrast. UV coating means all of our canvases are scratch resistant and can be hand wiped clean with a damp cloth. Our canvases are fully backed and are fixed with a DIY mount, allowing you to mount our canvases however you'd like.

All canvases arrive at your doorstep ready to hang inn a clear poly bag surrounded by a protective layer of corrugated cardboard and styrofoam corner protectors to ensure a beautiful piece. 

Made to order.

All of our canvases are made individually for each order... meaning we do not mass produce our canvases in bulk in advance. We manually log each order and send to our designer who in turn sends your design to our fulfillment wearhouse. 

Our maximum production time for your piece is 4 days plus shipping.